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YODA Training & Consultancy

YODA Training & Consultancy is established by the end of 2008. Around 20 years of business experience enhanced with theoretical knowledge, YODA Training & Consultancy is offering training & consultancy services for its business partners. Our aim is; synthesising the theory with business practices, following fundemantal improvements, renewing ourselves and differentiating. Professionals who spent a long time in the business environment generally face a basic problem; 'Showing an accustomed attitude' towards problems, questioning 'Less' compared to past, falling far away from actual knowledge and improvements because of harwork. We observe that; 'The experience slows down the improvement !'. Human nature generally resists the 'Changing efforts', therefore 'New ideas' and 'Trends' are stuck in the change resistance ! This fact results the companies loosing power and market share against new competitors who are dynamic, different and thinking different, acting 'Lean', futuristic, fast, rash and innovative. Whenever a humanbeing says; 'My development is over !', learning & development naturally ends and the 'Regression Age' begins for the business. Because of the hard competition, this causes a considerable damage for the company and unfortunatelly the paradigm to overlap this critical point is not observed so often. Maybe that's why most of the small family businesses fail within the 3rd generation ! We have to first 'Recognize' then 'Be open for improvement' and then 'Apply the knowledge to make it permanent'. As YODA Training & Consultancy, we look at the life from this perspective and we aim to build relations with our business partners depending on; open communication, trust, Win-Win situation and long termed.